What is Hydrogen?


Hydrogen is the simplest, lightest element in the universe. It is made up of one proton and one electron. Because of its simplicity, it is believed by some that hydrogen is the root of all elements. Hydrogen is very light! When hydrogen escapes into the atmosphere, it is so light that it rises immediately upward in the atmosphere. It is 14 times lighter than air. That means that hydrogen won’t pool on the ground, pollute groundwater, or hang in the air. It removes itself. Hydrogen is everywhere!  It’s the most abundant element in the universe, making up more that 90% of all matter. On our planet earth, it is the third most abundant element. It’s found in water and all organic material. Hydrogen, in its normal gaseous state, is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and is nontoxic, which makes it better than other common fuels we use.

What happens when hydrogen burns?

Hydrogen burns readily with oxygen, releasing considerable energy as heat and producing only water as exhaust. When hydrogen burns in air, it doesn't produce the pollutants that are produced when normal hydrocarbon fuels such as gasoline and diesel are burned. Because no carbon is involved, using hydrogen fuel eliminates carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and does not contribute to global warming.

Why hydrogen?

When we consider the billions of dollars that have been invested to protect oil interests and maintain stability in the Middle East to insure a supply, hydrogen fuels are ‘less-expensive. A shift to hydrogen fueling has the potential to create millions of new domestic jobs while lessening our dependence on foreign oil, cleaning the air, and creating an unlimited energy resource for fueling our economy.

How can we start fueling with hydrogen?


Here's the TRUTH! Technology is available today to shift to a hydrogen fueled economy.  It will take public understanding, demand, and a “national-will” to move away from fossil fuel dependency. Most combustion engines on the road today can be effectively and efficiently converted to operate on hydrogen.

The challenge is to create public understanding, generate massive public demand for a cleaner, unlimited fuel source, and make capital sources aware of the true facts about hydrogen. More hydrogen fueling stations are being proposed along with demonstration corridors. One such corridor would run from Denver to Las Angeles.


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A shift has begun!


The sustainable future has arrived!


Clean technology already exists!

A shift has begun!


The sustainable future has arrived!


Clean technology already exists!

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When should we start fueling with hydrogen?


We must put this plan in place and not put it off any longer. We're in the 21st century but we are still burning up carbon based fuels. Many European and Asian countries are moving well-ahead of the United States toward the transition to hydrogen. Because of vested interests of petroleum cartels, we have fallen behind in the race. The time in now. Let's  all work together to create millions of new jobs and allow the technology for this new fuel infrastructure to develop. Then we will see one of the biggest booms in history and create a new clean environment as well.